Sun 25 June 2017
The Second Sunday after Trinity

Father Tom writes - Jun 2017

Holy Spirit, come confirm us, in the truth that Christ makes known,

We have faith and understanding, through your promised light alone.


Just when you think you can relax for a while, along comes June.  neveretheless I hope that you find some time to relax and take stock of life, to re-energise your spiritual life, re-charge the batteries of Faith, an exhausted Christian is nno use to themselves or others around them, the ones to whom we shold be ministering. (See below)


June starts with the great Festival of Pentecost the coming of the Holy Spirit to charge and equip the Church and us.  The Book of Common Prayer (ever my constant guide) stipulates that we are to make our communion at least four times a year, I hope you will all try to make Pentecost one of those occasions.

On the 17th we will have our Quiet Morning kindly being led by Archdeacon Fiona at Holy Trinity Hurstpierpoint, I encourage all members of our Churches to make a real effort to support this time of quiet, prayer, reflction, learning, and fellowship.

On the 18th we shall (at Keymer) celebrate Corpus Christi, the festival of the body and blood of Christ, instituted at the last supper, the commemoration because it is part of Holy Week is restrained, Corpus Christi allows us to be unrestrained in our celebration, it is also a Family Eucharist and a Baptism, How will I tie all these elemnets in to one service?  Come along and see.